Complimentary Discovery Session -

“Wendy was phenomenal and very caring, generous and very non-judgmental. I liked her so much and what she taught me was not new but cut down to small practices I can do. Very important, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed but just eager to finally begin my “Work” back to Self-love… loving and caring for me.”

- -Gitte D.


“Wendy has a systematic approach to helping others. It comes with grace and ease and she made me feel very comfortable to open up and share some difficult things about myself and my situation. I feel her compassion and love while she listens intently to what I have to convey. She has an intuitive nature about her that enables her to really go deep into rooted issues and help bring a situation to light, with real integrity and a passion for knowing what people need in order to better their lives. I would highly recommend anyone to have Wendy as their life coach. You will see your life transform with her wisdom and powerful guidance.”

- Cindy Vandruff, Chief Executive Officer, Momentum MEDIA, Founder of Momentum33.com


“Wendy Baudín is an outstanding Feng Shui consultant because she has creative ideas that work for the client.  She assesses the needs, makes suggestions and then does the work necessary to create a comfortable and energy flowing environment.  She incorporates the needs of the client into her work and continues to check with the client regarding what she is attempting to do.  One feels fully part of the process. If you want to enjoy a refreshing and energizing environment, contact Wendy for her services.  She is great and I cannot praise her work enough.  Her work has made a difference in my energy levels

- Z. Plesa, Florida


“Wendy is inspirational. Her unshakeable spirit always sees opportunity where others would only see reasons to give up. No matter what circumstances there may be – she does it anyways and tells you how you can, too. Her support is highly effective.”

- Jeffrey T. Skrob, Galaxy Explorer, Switzerland


“Wendy Baudín is one of the most sincere individuals I know. I admire her ability to listen, to focus and make constructive comments all the while making a person feel so unique and valuable. She has developed a fine blend of worldly practicality founded on a profound belief that the spirit is within all of us. I can recommend Wendy from the bottom of my heart…she’s # 1 in my book.”

- Paul Rink, President, VinePro Vineyard Management Inc.,
“Professional Farming Company for the Wine Industry of Northern California”


“If you’re wondering if you would benefit from having Wendy as your personal empowerment coach, I can share with you that my sessions with her helped me immensely. Not only did she help me detangle my energy, but her gentle guidance helped me to understand my emotions in ways that I didn’t recognize before we worked together. I am now more aware of my personal vibration and I use the tools she taught me to shift myself to a higher vibration whenever I feel I have “slipped” into a lower vibration. Not only do these shifts make me feel lighter, I know that I am then attracting what I really want and what I need to meet my goals and fulfill my dreams.

– Marilyn H., Florida


“Wendy is a remarkable human being who helps people discover who they are and the best in themselves so that they can be happy, satisfied, motivated and better support and serve those around them. She has great focus, wisdom, experience and provides incredible insights and support to those around her. She has a huge heart that she shares willingly as she provides a wonderful strength to others ideas, dreams, desires, needs and wants. I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to get to know Wendy. The sooner you do, the sooner your life will improve.”

- Danny Lyon, Canada Area Franchisee, The UPS Store


“Wendy Baudín is an extraordinary individual. Not only does she have a huge heart, but her expansive wisdom goes beyond measure. Having met through Coaching from Spirit, where we both got certified as a Life Empowerment Coach, I had the pleasure of working with Wendy on several occasions – all of which were life-altering. Her ability to awaken consciousness with humor and love is done effortlessly. Her sparkling spirit shines through, ensuring a comfortable, safe space in which to explore oneself on deep levels. She encourages you to think big and FEEL big! With her well-rounded bag of tools, Wendy is what I call a “Jambalaya Coach!” She infuses each person’s session with just the right mixture of her own spices to meet your individual needs. She makes it fun and cooks up just the right flavor for you as she nourishes your soul! Anyone is blessed to know her and work with her.”

– Jodie Niles, Spiritual Life Empowerment Coach, Journeys with Jodie


“I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy when we both attended Bob Proctor’s Matrixx event in 2009 – in fact, Wendy emailed all the attendees before we had even landed, just to say ‘hi’ because that is what Wendy is all about. She probably doesn’t even realize this but her highest intentions are so pure for all to see that she doesn’t need to vocalize them. She genuinely and deeply wants to help people discover their inner spiritual beauty and potential and there can be no more powerful intention than that.”

- Charlie Mulraine, Career and Life Potential Mentor,Founder of MyMissionMentor.com


“Wendy Baudín is a very conscientious and caring person. She is sincere and well versed in all aspects of coaching. Her deep spiritual knowledge and compassion support the demand for honesty and integrity in her Life Coaching Programs. One would not be disappointed in Wendy’s courses”.

- Sandra Kaye Smith, Sales Manager, Landrum Staffing


“It is said that when there is clear intention, there is joy and a sense of discovery, achievement and gratitude. The Greater Force has worked through you. You know where you are headed; you have identified your intentions and mapped out your destiny and the journey to get there. During the first six months of starting my business, I found myself becoming caught up in the details of “doership”. Getting lost in the ego; running from one task to another, searching for answers to when, where, and how. It wasn’t until I met with Wendy that I found the answers to my looming questions. Within 24 hrs of establishing my life’s purpose and vision, the heaviness of doubt lifted and a sense of clarity opened me up to one business opportunity after another during that week. Wendy’s illuminating exercises have allowed me to sustain a level of energy and vibration necessary to move my personal and professional efforts forward. Thank you, Wendy, for your selfless service to others, and helping them realize their true potential”.

- J. Watson.


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