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Your Divine Self-Love Journey with Wendy

You will have more fun, love laughing again and enjoy the freedom of being You!

Your heart will be healed so you can give and receive love again!

You will move beyond fear and wanting and achieve great relationships, health, and prosperity!

You will accept that your beautiful and big visions of love, happiness and abundance is your birthright!

You will live authentically and be true to yourself removing the barriers that have held you back!

Are you ready to love You?

Are you sick and tired of circumstances that have stopped you in your tracks from loving your life?

Ready to let go of your old stories and programming and replace both with a first class ticket to life that includes excitement, adventure and fun?

Do you ever get the feeling that even though you have everything something is still missing?

Does real happiness and real love seem elusive?

Geared up to turn your rocky path into shining jewel stepping stones to your fun and ​glowing life?

Exhausted and confused? Ready to do something about it?



Heal your mind, body and spirit and align with the truth of your heart!

Your journey to achieve that result can begin when you say “YES” to take the most important journey of your life with me… to come to a place of divine self-love. Discovering what’s missing and embracing who you are and where you are….and it’s a whole lot easier when you stop going it alone.

Having worked with hundreds of women over the last two decades to guide them to welcome this result, what I know to be true is this. By the time our work together is complete, the frustrations you have been feeling will be replaced with the deep knowing that:

  • You rock…
  • You are a survivor and a thriver, no matter what…
  • You deserve the best that life has to give…
  • You are the creator of your own magnificent life…
  • Your feminine energy sparkles and radiates the absolute gorgeous and miraculous being that you truly are.


How does my journey serve you?

Having dealt with and overcoming a wide range of challenges, speed bumps, and life-changing experiences – ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, navigating divorce, grieving the death of a parent, care giver for a parent suffering from a major stroke, and facing and getting beyond bankruptcy, I acquired the skills to move ahead with grace — without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage and hard knocks – and to love my life no matter what dramatic obstacles have crossed my path.​

Through the Self-Love Online and Mentoring Programs, you will learn to enhance your awareness, build your self-confidence, understand how the Universal Laws work, make your Ego your friend, getting in tune with your souls and acquire a deep wisdom so that healing and spiritual growth can take root and bring your hidden gifts and treasures to light for the rest of your fabulous lifetime.

This is a step-by-step 360° program and as we work together, you will develop your inner strength so you can stand in your power and feel great and fulfilled now and forever.

7 Steps to loving you first!

Step 1 : Let’s Get Real, Let Go, and Get On With It

This program is for you and all about you. It’s been designed to awaken your realization to your divineness and inner self.  Your thoughts, emotions, your perception, your programming, your actions, must be in connection with your Inner Self so you can have a fulfilled and happy life. Living just on ego, will always leave you more than empty and continuously searching. We will go step by step climbing up the emotional scale and learning how to obtain relief quickly when you fall into the lower emotions.

It’s all about you feeling good. Wake to the fact that you are the vibrational writer of the script of your life and everyone else is playing the part that you have assigned to them. Recognize and embrace that you are the creator of your own experience and you have only to decide to allow it or not to allow it. It is your choice.

Step 2 : Kick Your Surplus Baggage to the Curb and Leap Beyond the Clouds

This module will help you discover your power words and learn how to create your own personalized customized affirmations for all your life areas. Learn how to use the amazing 5 Power Questions to detangle and manage your energy quickly. Amping up your positive energy and moving into a new dimensional reality of awareness. Partnering with your inner guidance and creating new neural brain pathways allowing you to see and allow new opportunities into your life.​

Step 3 : Transform Your Rocky Road Into Diamond Stepping Stones

Realize that you are a girl with a mind, a woman with a great and loving attitude and a lady with sassy and secure class. Learn about blocked energy and how to progressively shift your non-serving beliefs into serving beliefs. Blossom into loving yourself and others effortlessly while focusing upon the oneness and goodness of you and others. Awareness that you can overcome fear with Love and that Love is the essence of life – breath it, feel it, speak it, share it, live it.​

Step 4 : It Really Is All About You…The Spiritual Science of You

Learn to think of your life as the process of painting a masterpiece and every breath, experience and intention adds to the beauty of your blank canvas. Explore the simple way that the Law of Attraction really works and put it into everyday practice. Discover the emotional scale and how you can move yourself up the scale easily and painlessly so you can maintain your happy and good feeling. Become an energy detective so you can easily and quickly detect when you are directly connected to your inner divine guidance and not your ego.

Step 5 : ​Kick Off the Flip Flops and Slip Into Those Confident Stilettos

Grow into the realization that it is your birthright to dream big so you can have the best and happiest ideal life. Find the magic in you and awaken it so that you become the master of your thoughts and emotions. Create your order request to the Universe for any area or situation in your life and let the Universe provide you with your focused intention.

Step 6 : ​Discover the Real and True You ​

Understand why no one can make you happy and that happiness comes from within you. Learn how to create happiness within you so that it’s not reliant on anyone or anything.  Discover the importance of Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude to achieve sweet and precious freedom. Begin to celebrate in joy and bliss knowing the real and true you.

Step 7 : The Divine Goddess Within You as You​

Gain the knowledge that it’s all about you and that the most important step you can take is to focus on you first so you can have the a loving and happy life. Find out how stress affects you detrimentally and what can you do to manage stress. Learn why it is important to be in the present moment and that the secret of attraction is to love yourself because all you need is Love and Love is all you need. Grow and expand in your knowing who you are and remembering your true strength. Find that the secret to life is too keep it simple and just be happy and love who you are.


This is Your Invitation, if…​

YOU would like everything in your life to be new again and to have the courage to step into those risky tempting delicious opportunities …

YOU are looking for the guidance to change the course of your life in a most amazing and fun way…

YOU are prepared to set aside years of old programming, self-limiting beliefs and perhaps a lifetime of struggle and dissatisfaction within a few weeks or months…

TAKE THE NEXT STEP….Request your  “Your Divine Self-Love Discovery Breakthrough Session (Free) by scheduling your session NOW!

This is a bold first step that will open your eyes to even bolder possibilities still ahead. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Namaste with Unity “Love” Consciousness, ​


P.S. You are going to love this!

Here is a list of some juicy outcomes you will welcome when you take your Self Love Journey with me as your guide. YOU WILL:

~ Find that self-love is not selfish because it is the love that dwells within your heart and your inner soul.

~ Grow into knowing your true inner self and how you can tap into your inner guidance so you know you are never alone.

~ Learn what ego is, how to make ego your best friend and how to distinguish the difference between your ego talking to you or your inner guidance talking to you.

~ Learn how to keep yourself in a high vibrational feeling and when you do have a lapse into the dark, you will know what to do to get relief and pull yourself right out of it in 5 minutes.

~ Awaken the understanding that you are Divine and see yourself without any limitations and you have the birthright to have abundance in all areas while removing all drama, doubts and fears.

~ ​Learn to trust the beauty and intelligence of your inner self/soul and watch as your divine inner flower unfolds in perfect and unique timing.

“We are One…​
One in Freedom, One in Love,​ One in Joy,​
One in Peace on Earth.”


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