WebTalk Radio with Dr. Jackie Black, Couples in Trouble Expert Interview 1 Wendy and Dr. Jackie talk about that everything that we do outside of us in our lives and in our relationships is actually imprinted by who we are and how we are being on the inside. We look at how we can actually positively impact, influence and affect ourselves from the inside out. Diving deep into an exploration of how we can get back to basics and reconnect with our INSIDE selves and integrate the INSIDE and OUTSIDE selves – because we need BOTH and we need to focus on reclaiming our access to the INSIDE Self.

Spotlite Radio Presents Self Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide, Wendy Baudín Interview 1 Spotlite Radio Presents Self Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide, Wendy Baudín. She is far different from any other Life Coach you may have heard of. Her abilities and talents along with her life experiences have made her one of the best in her field. Listen to this interview to learn how her techniques can help you with your own life.

Spotlite Radio – Interview 2 Listen and learn about old baggage and programming and the stuff that has happened to you and still bothers or haunts you…therefore keeping you from reaching your mountain top. Learn an exercise to bring the dream of your mountain top into reality and how important it is to develop your inner core..your foundation so you stand firm in your truth and start living the agenda of your soul.

Spotlite Radio – Interview 3 Wendy explains what is actual a Self-Love Sherpa and who and why someone would need one. She talks about her own spiritual self-love journey and how she guides her clients through their transformational journey.

Spotlite Radio – Interview 4 Wendy talks about what is really happening these days and providing guidance on how to get through the day, especially when there is so much chaotic and unfriendly news going on not only in the U.S. but around the world? Understanding the evolution to the higher self being caused by these transformational changes happening to everyone and Mother Earth.

Spotlite Radio – Interview 5 Wendy talks about her “Self-Love Transformation to Your Mountain Top Journey” program and how it guides you to connect and love the inner you. It’s a very balanced approach to maintain your connection with the higher self. It’s learning from A to Z in developing your inner core, your foundation so you can be a mountain within as life experiences come into your life and to use those experiences to your benefit. See more at:
Listen to the interview with Wendy and Tee Ming Ooi/Teeming Connections and learn about what is the most important word to bring light to your life, 2 mantra’s/quotes that are very powerful and easy to use and remember to get you back into your happy place, the experiences and mentors that allowed Wendy to move forward and to be happy no matter what was happening, why developing a strong foundation and inner core is so important, keeping it simple and living the agenda of your soul and more.
Wendy is interviewed by Michael Bloom, Life Coach…supporting and inspiring CareGivers around the globe. Wendy shares her experiences with being a CareGiver for her Mother who suffered from a major stroke and how self-love and taking care of yourself is so important while caring for a love one. Ensuring that you make time and care for yourself and what can you do when you feel unappreciated or exhausted or if you have hit the wall with frustration and how to get through those feelings so you can be happy and content. To realize what a great service you are providing for your love one and to honor, love and respect yourself.

HOW TO FEEL BETTER NOW AND FOREVER It’s all about you feeling good. It really is all about You. Discover that everything that happens to you occurs because of what you are summoning to you and allowed or not allowed by you. You will become a magnet drawing wonderful and great things to you. Wake to the fact that you are the vibrational writer of the script of your life and everyone else is playing the part that you have assigned to them. Recognize and embrace that you are the creator of your own experience and you have only to decide to allow it or not to allow it. It is your choice.

Wendy’s Interview with Makeba, Seven Arts Radio on Healthy Living & Relationships! Great talk about women and their relationships with men and themselves. How they need to discover their self-confidence and inner guidance to ensure that they will attract their ideal mate. To first be happy with themselves rather than looking and wanting someone else to make them happy.

LIVING CONSCIOUSLY Have you wondered about what is all this talk about feminine energy and what it means to us? Check out this discussion on Living Consciously – TV with the Self Evolution Cast and Wendy. Various interesting topics were covered and what is the woman’s role for this transitional time as we move into our higher consciousness.
Spotlite announcement sharing the benefits of working with Wendy Baudín and the Self-Love Journey Program.


Press Releases

Spotlight Radio Presents, Wendy Baudin, Owner of Self Love Sherpa and Wisdom Guide. PRLog (Press Release) – Sep. 18, 2013 – TORONTO, Canada — Being influenced by a near death experience, Wendy Baudin is a great inspirational figure to turn to when you are in need of guidance. Looking at situations from the perspective of love and forgiveness, Wendy influences women to go on an emotional journey with her to remove the excess and unnecessary baggage from their lives. Read more   Self-Love Sherpa Wendy Baudín Advises Mid-Life Single Women to Stop Putting Their Lives on Hold While Waiting for Mr. Right to Come Along DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Feb. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Valentine’s Day can be a lonely day for single mid-life women who are having reservations about their lives as opposed to making romantic dinner reservations. Self-Love Sherpa Wendy Baudín invites them to reframe their lives without relying on a dinner date, life partner, or spouse to complete them. Since 2008, Baudín has influenced hundreds of women to step into more fulfilled lives and commit to making their boldest dreams real without depending on Mr. Right…Read more


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