With Wendy Baudín, you have the benefit of getting a Life Balance Coach and a Feng Shui Consultant, covering both your inner person and your outer environment to create your life balance and harmony.



It’s quite like having a Zen lifestyle, where you have an ideal amount of time dedicated to work and to the other important areas of your life. But most importantly, the ideal amount of time for being and taking care of you.  The Balance Life Coach will help you create your own specific balance, harmony and happiness while increasing your patience, satisfaction, confidence, focused energy and fun.

Develop the ability to partner with your inner guidance. Remove the drama out of situations and make peace at where you are. Learn to stand in your divine power. You will begin to attract the people; events and the opportunities that will catapult you into becoming a success and have the abundant life you  have also desired while enjoying the journey.


Classical Feng Shui is a goal-orientated science and it all begins with creating a healing home – a place where the Qi flow is pleasant, sentimental and harmonious. A good Feng Shui home is one where the occupants have vibrant health. Once you have health, then you can move on to wealth!  Opportunities for the occupants to make money increases, career prospects will improve and business opportunities will increase.  The occupant must still, however, seize these opportunities through his own efforts. Feng Shui is a system for evaluating and fine tuning the environmental and internal influences so that you and your family can live and thrive at your highest and most auspicious level.

With a Feng Shui Consultant, you can accomplish harmony and balance in your home and office. The Classical FS Consultant can reveal from your birth year where the head of your bed should be, which direction your desk should face, where you should sit for a very important meeting or interview, what to remove, adjust or add, why you may have problems with certain people even love ones, what are your best colors, etc. etc…..just a little bit of insight and a few simple changes to your home, office, or yard can truly benefit your life.

The Balancing Life program offers you the support, the process, the tools and techniques to empower yourself to create success and well-being in all areas of your life (inside and out). The program is customized to the individual Client for the accomplishment of the life they truly and honestly want.  Develop and learn a lifetime approach to success, happiness and abundance in all areas of your life by taking the first step and contact me:

Wendy Baudín, Balance Life Coach 





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